Car rental in Cuba | complete guide to driving in Cuba

Car Rental in Cuba

Car Rental in Cuba – Advice

Taking a car rental in Cuba is by far the best way to discover the island. Having your own car helps you get off the beaten path and into places that usually don´t see many tourists. It’s not for everyone though!

Driving a car rental in Cuba requires an experienced and competent driver who can handle a manual transmission and knows how to change a tire before considering driving in Cuba. Most rental agencies have a minimum age of 21 years for drivers when you show up and haven´t booked in advance but by using the above links the age is reduced to 18 unless you are looking for some expensive rentals the minimum age can be 25 but these are for Audi A6 or BMW 5 series models.

You should remember that Car rental in Cuba is all about driving in a developing country with a road system and traffic laws much different than what you’re likely used to at home. Therefore, proper research is important, especially for a first time visitor who has not driven in other countries before.

“Car Rental in Cuba & Hitchhikers is synonymous”

If your alone or with friends, picking up hitch-hikers can be a very pleasant experience and way to meet real Cubans going about their daily lives. Hitchhiking in Cuba is very a popular way for the locals to get around and is widely practiced by all ages of the population. When youyou’re your Car rental in Cuba remember to lock all your stuff in the trunk for security, but also so there’s more room for people inside. A bottle of water or a juice is a luxury for someone who has been standing in the sun on the side of the road for a couple of hours with small children or an elderly person. A few small snacks for the kids is also nice too.

Losing your way in Cuba is fun! Especially if you take a hitchhiker to help you rediscover your route.

As soon as you get your car remember to buy a road map of Cuba. A good one offered for free by Transtur is “Guia de Carreteras” Otherwise, it costs about 12 CUC.

When you pick up your car rental in Cuba be sure that every scratch and nick is confirmed on the contract. This is welcomed by Car rental employees and is a sure fire way of ensuring you know what was on the car before you got it. Contrary to popular belief, most cars are actually quite new. Take photos from all sides and ensure you have some visible landmarks at the rental office as your backdrop or, better still, with the rental guy in the photo. Check the spare tire and that the tools are there to change it before pulling away in your Car rental in Cuba. Check the air conditioning, the radio and that all the locks work. Is the antenna in place? Are the headlights and turn signals working? If you find something doesn’t work correctly or is missing either replace it, get them to fix it, or have it confirmed on the contract so you’re not hit with the bill later.

It is law that all car rental in Cuba have all legal drivers listed on the rental contract, do this before you take the car or visit any rental office and add the driver afterwards but don´t let someone drive who is not on the insurance and contract.

Keep the rental contract in a safe place and not just the glove box. Keep it just as safe as your passport. Losing it means lots of hassle and a fine when you return the car because all road fines in Cuba are written on the contract and are payable when you return the car so, a lost contract is a red flag that maybe you got fined and don´t want to pay.

Always park your car rental in Cuba in a designated area where there’s adequate security. Paying a parking attendant a few cents is cheap, and good insurance that he´ll keep and eye on your vehicle. Also, if anything untoward happens it makes the police report easier.

Overall, Car rental in Cuba can be the difference between a good vacation and a fantastic one. You´ll get to see so many side of Cuba that normal tourists don´t see. You´ll also get to travel at your own pace and see all the sites you´ve been thinking of.

Yes, car rental in Cuba is the way to go!