Car Rental Cuba | fuel problems

Car Rental Cuba

Car Rental Cuba gets reports all the time of cheap gasoline being offered to tourists visiting the island. While this is more common place for casa particulares and homestay tourists, where the owner knows someone “with a great deal” on apparently good fuel, the temptation can be high when fuel costs in Cuba are relatively high. However, the damage to your vacation time, wallet and peace of mind makes it simply not worth it. Car engines, like those in rental cars in Cuba, these days operate on fine tolerances and at very high pressures. Some modern systems run at between 350 and 1600 bar and are lubricated by the fuel. Adding bad fuel can cause damage to the pump through metal to metal contact. Metal particles from the damaged pump can be deposited in the fuel causing further damage to the rest of the fuel system. Some fuel system seals can be affected by the compounds in bad gasoline too.

The more cheap contaminated fuel goes in the system the more expensive the repair. In some cases it can be cheaper to fit a new engine. If you want to have a trouble free time in Cuba, simply stick to pumped gasoline from official gas stations. Black market gasoline may be cheap but it will certainly work out very expensive if something goes wrong and you destroy the car’s engine or end up stranded miles from anywhere.

A sure fire way of making your Car Rental Cuba a nightmare is messing with this cheap fuel.