Cuba Rent a Car July & August 2015

Hyundai Accent Cuba 2015

Visiting Cuba and renting a car are not things that essentially go hand in hand. Many travelers to Cuba this summer will need to find alternative transport unless they have booked a vehicle in advance; this is the information emanating from colleagues at the big four car rental agencies in Cuba of CubaCAR, Havanautos, Via Car Rental and REX.

As we reported in November 2014, Cuba’s rental car companies have sidelined travel agencies for the rental of vehicles and are exclusively taking bookings directly on the official websites shown in the grey bar above

This summer is set to be one of the worst for those hoping to discover Cuba from behind the wheel of a car. Primarily due to President Obama’s historic announcement, more Americans are visiting Cuba, making a bad situation worse. However, for those of you with the ability to book your Cuban Rent A Car in advance, all the above official websites still offer availability at the writing of this article. We contemplate that from June 15th it will become gradually more difficult to acquire a Car Rental in Cuba and by July 1st, it will be almost impossible to secure a car unless cancellations are placed back online. Visitors are urged to check the official websites listed above or contact the chat system to try and obtain a cancelled car after July 1st.

One bit of good news is that Cuban rent a car company Havanautos has replaced its Hyundai Accent models with the sleek 2015 model shown above. For those of you searching for a 5 seat medium category car this summer try to book the Hyundai accent with Havanautos and you’ll get a new car!