Cuba Car Rental Models 2014

Cuba Car Rental Morris Garage MG6

Cuba Car Rental companies REX, Havanautos, CubaCAR and Via have purchased new models for the upcoming 2014 season. These models include the Morris Garage MG3 and, the larger MG6.

The test was conducted around the Miramar area of Havana right next to the main Transtur Cuba Car Rental depot. We only had the cars for 1 hour each so we couldn’t test them on bumpier roads in Cuba nor on the ocho via freeway. These Chinese built cars came with special “Cuba specification” we were told, which included higher profile tires, more powerful air-conditioning and a basic CD player with aux-in jack.

Cuba Car Rental Morris Garage

Both the MG 3 (economic category) and MG6 (medium category) are not without appeal. The exterior could generously be described as strangely attractive, while the interior is decent enough, with tastefully placed chrome strips and some decent fit and finish. The emphasis has been placed on sturdiness over style, and some basic comforts like a telescopic steering wheel are absent, but it is at least functional in terms of space and desirability over similar category cars in Cuba which are invariably older and not without their problems. Of you are visiting Cuba this year, try to request these cars instead of the similar (and older) Peugeot or Hyundai options. These cars won’t appear online for direct booking because they simply appear as part of the category listings but ask to receive one and you won’t be disappointed with your Cuba Car Rental this summer.