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Car Rental Cuba

Car Rental Cuba SUV 4×4 – In this category you have the Hyundai Santa Fe, Kia Sportage and the Suzuki Gran Vitara. If you are planning to go off of Cuba´s main roads such as some of the dirt roads, badly surfaced minor roads or wider beach areas on the island then this type of vehicle is for you. You must however remember that true off-road in rough terrain is forbidden with your rental car. Car Rental Cuba thinks that you definitely welcome the size and higher driving position afforded by 4-wheel drive vehicle, especially in traffic or when on the watch out for cyclists in the city of Havana. This type of hire car offers better control in such environments, also because the undercarriage is further from the ground these cars are perfect for negotiating Cuba’s torrential rains where water incursion on major streets and highways can be quite severe. Most 4×4 vehicles available from Car Rental Cuba allow you to carry several passengers, up to 7 seats in most vehicles so are perfect for larger families or groups of travelers to Cuba.

For the best 4×4 SUV models choose REX from the suppliers above to book you car in Cuba. CubaCAR and Havanautos also offer SUV 4×4 models but they tend not to be the European manufactured cars available from REX who also offer automatic SUV 4×4 cars in Cuba