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Kia Picanto Havanautos

Economic car rental in Cuba is by far the cheapest option. The cars available are in good condition overall and many are almost new. The recent acquisition of Chinese cars has all but been replaced by better Korean models from Hyundai and Kia available from Havanautos. The 2012 Hyundai Atos and Kia Picanto cars available from CubaCAR seem to be the largest while, the venerable Peugeot 206 offered by Via Car Rental, while a little larger, seem to be getting quite old. However, we´ve been surprised a few times when a brand new 206 Peugeot has been provided, probably from the initial stock that Via bought. Recent rentals done by us have almost always garnered the Kia Picanto shown. Some recent rentals from Havana Airport have also received the Geely CK which, while Chinese (problematic) is quite a lot larger than the other economic cars.