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Over the months of summer, Car Rental Cuba has received reports back from consumers who have rented the Geely Emgrand. The Geely Emgrand is a Chinese manufactured medium high vehicle with powerful upgraded (for Cuba we hear) air-conditioning, CD player and aux in for mp3 players. While initially reticent concerning the recent batch of the smaller economic Geely CK vehicles, initial reports back concerning the Geely Emgrand are surprisingly good. The car seems to be targeted at the higher automobile segments due to its quiet operation, large interior and generally good handling. One report came back from a client from Miami who rented the Geely Emgrand in Holguin Airport, traversed across to see family in Santiago de Cuba and then drove all the way back to Havana, leaving the vehicle in Havana´s Jose Marti Airport. Covering just over 2200km, the car was faultless. More revealing were his comments that the car was ideal for longer journeys due to its relaxed tall gearing and excellent sound insulation.

Most other visitors who booked the Geely Emgrand with Car Rental Cuba covered less kilometers but were equally impressed with the vehicle, especially the remarks concerning the air-conditioning being amazing.

“Geely Emgrand with Car Rental Cuba”

As you can see from the photo, the Geely Emgrand is an imposing piece of automotive beauty and very unlike other offerings from Chinese manufacturers.

The car is available in from CubaCAR in the manual (stick shift) version and Havanautos for the 5 speed automatic transmission. Book the car using the links above and we´re sure you won´t be unhappy with your selection from Car Rental Cuba.