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Car Rental Cuba

Car Rental Cuba Vans are huge vehicles that can carry 9 people. Though there aren’t many of them available in Cuba, larger families appreciate their design and size as a practical car for moving 9 people with luggage around Cuba.

The Expert Tepee offered by Car Rental Cuba is based on the Expert line from Peugeot. There is also the equally impressive Hyundai H1 Van available in Cuba. Both are huge in a way that they can never be; if space is your thing then VANs for rental in Cuba has few peers.

The vans available from Car Rental Cuba offer decent performance and a good ride but you’ll never forget that you’re driving large vehicle although longer trips out on the “ocho via” (Cuba’s highway) will be handled easily due to the high driving position and great interior space. Our opinion is it’s worth considering if you’ll make regular use of all that space and you want to save on the fuel costs associated with renting two vehicles to carry 9 people in Cuba. These VANS are vast inside, with three rows of seats and space for a huge amount of luggage, even if all the seats are occupied. If they aren’t – and you remove the last three for more luggage space, there’s also a mass of legroom (and headroom, of course!) and few passengers will find anything to complain about. The VANs from Car Rental Cuba drive very well on Cuban Roads and soak up the potholes and irregularities well, helped by their long wheelbase.

The top speed is 99mph, which takes some achieving in Cuba anyway but progress can be maintained without too much effort.

If you need to more 9 people around in Cuba, whether it be a field trip from Havana to Santiago or a tour of the island by car, the Vans are supreme allies for moving tons of luggage and people comfortably.