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Driving with kids in Cuba

  For many of you this is common sense during your Cuban vacation but we´ll outline several points to watch out for.   Never leave your kids sat in a car in Cuba. The heat and sun can be extremely powerful and cause dehydration quite rapidly. Keep water in the car. Heat and fatigue require […]


Car Rental Cuba | Driving in Cuba

Summer Driving in Cuba Car Rental Cuba receives many reports annually of problems in summer Driving in Cuba, here are a few of them. It’s easy to lose your car keys in sand on the beach or at the pool, one client in Varadero even took the remote control for a swim and then find […]


Car Rental Cuba | Advice

  Car Rental Cuba wants to advise that, when comes to tires, inflation is always a good thing especially in Cuban Heat & Humidity, proper tire inflation, that is. The amount of air required to properly inflate a tire depends on the size and type of tire, the vehicle application (size and weight), vehicle loading […]