Driving from Havana to Santiago de Cuba

Havanautos car rental

We decided to rent using Havanautos from this website. The car was delivered on time however there were cigarette ends in the ashtray which we had to empty. Above this the car was clean and in good conditions. We chose a medium car and ended up receiving the Hyundai Accent from Havanautos. Although we were told that GPS was banned in Cuba we had no problem getting this through the airport. As soon as we turned it on outside Jose Marti Airport it showed 759.41 KM to Santiago de Cuba. It seemed rather daunting as we´d heard so much about Cuba´s roads…


“Havanautos rented us the Hyundai Accent”


However, the trip went well and the car was perfect. We ended up repairing one puncture ourselves and when we returned the car at Antonio Maceo Airport we told them about this but they simply smiled. We hoped they would ask for receipt and refund but hey, “es Cuba”

A couple of things to watch out for:

  • Cattle on the roads
  • People asking for money every time you park the car (presumably to watch it)
  • Fuel costs (quite high we thought)
  • Radio – Take CDs with you or an MP3 player because Cuban radio is real bad

Overall we like our stay in Cuba and Havanautos seemed as efficient as any international car rental company. No nasty surprises and efficient service overall.

If we returned to Cuba we´d probably take the medium high car as the Hyundai Sonata we saw looked very comfortable.