Car Rental Cuba Insurance

Car Rental insurance in Cuba is payable when the car is collected in all cases. Essentially, it is the Cuban government who charges the insurance via its approved rental desks and not the individual rental office. It is not possible to pay insurance in advance from any pre-booked service with the approved resellers. Please be wary of any company who offers insurance in the rental rate as it is legally impossible in Cuba and extra insurance charges will apply when you collect the car. Prices range from just 15 CUC for economic cars up to 40 CUC for luxury cars. Again this is now always full coverage with zero excess.

Credit card insurance coverage is not accepted in Cuba. If your credit card offers insurance for rental cars paid with it, this will not be accepted in Cuba as Visa/Mastercard are US companies and as such, obtaining payment for this is extremely complicated if not impossible.

Thankfully, the Cuban government abolished franchise or excess insurance in 2008. This means that no car rented will be subject to payment by the renter in case of claim.

Cubacar, Havanautos, REX & Via require a mandatory payment of full risk insurance, sometimes called fully comprehensive or super CDW which covers: car damage caused by collision, fire or natural phenomenon.

NOTE: Like most insurance policies you are not covered for negligence such as drinking & driving accidents or failure to properly secure your car.

Coverage is always for zero excess payable:

  • Partial or total theft
  • Damages caused to third persons
  • Injury to driver or other persons inside the vehicle
  • Total or partial damage to the vehicle.

If you are subject to a claim then you will need to file a police report which must be handed to the rental desk upon returning the car.